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What is DomiTag B?

DomiTag B is extended business directory where small business owners can publish their professionaly presented company profile - fast & easy!

Registration is lightning-fast, adding and managing your business details is easiest than ever ("fill the blanks" system).

Who should register?

With DomiTag B you can list your home repair services, travel / tour company, gift shop, wedding planner activities, accounting office, law practice,

photo / video services, dentist office, real estate company or ANY other legal business where you are owner or executive manager.

Why do I need it?

You can publish your business contacts, description and services you provide. It's like mini website that can attract new customers and clients.

Imagine having your professional company presentation, but without paying 1000's of dollars for server, designer & web master.

More Details

- DomiTag B platform is modern, fast, safe, intuitive & easy to use, with statistics about your profile (daily profile views and clicks on social media links), with numerous custom color schemes to match design with your brand colors.

- You are in full control of your details and data, you can login any time and update your contacts, address, working hours, you can write full description of your company services and products, point on highlights worth to know, set social media links and profile image / image header.

- Each profile is automatically Search Engine optimized, latest Open Graph & Schema standards are used to present overview of your business on Google and social media. With us you can reach to new customers (that otherwise wouldn't found you through online search) and increase revenue by generating more leads, sales and bookings.

- If you don't have company website yet, DomiTag platform can be particularly useful to provide more info to your costumers. You can use your DomiTag Profile link in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media pages, print it on flyers and visit cards, send as email signature, etc.

- Define your business accurate, in short simple terms, keep your description concise; avoid unnecessary jargon and meaninglessness buzzwords. Also check for misspellings, make it professional as you are.

- Through the description you should answer on the most asked, fundamental questions that your clients and costumers ask all the time. Explain to them why they need what you're selling. Present them the best parts of your successful business.

- For example, what differentiates your product or services from the competition? What are your advantages and benefits that might be interesting to the person who read the description? Is it location? Price? Overall quality of service? Attitude, friendliness? What your customers actually crave?

- Please avoid "we are the best", "we are the greatest" type of self-promoting. There's a big chance that you are not, so leave to the people to decide your greatness. Also avoid "special promotions" and "On Sale" messages; this page is made to gain business exposure and brand awareness, not for direct sales.

We reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure this site is not or abused in any way. Here are some rules:

- Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts for same business/company is not allowed.

- You cannot post any affiliate or referral links to online web sites for the purpose of compensation through an affiliate account.

- Opening an account solely to perform aggressive advertising, blatant promotions, spamming and direct sales (with pricing) is not allowed and inappropriate content will be removed.

- We reserve the right to remove offensive profiles without notice. For example: fake accounts, software and music piracy, behavior such as rudeness, trolling, insulting, personal attacks and any other inflammatory remarks toward other people and profiles will not be tolerated.